Certified Translations

- Certificates, passports, contracts,
By-Laws, sentences, certificate of studies, transcripts, degrees, etc.

Authentication at the Sworn
Translators Association.

Traducciones Technical- scientific Translations

- Accounting, financial, technical, medical documents, brochures, reports,
advertisements, etc.
-Translation of Web Sites,

Editing and Proofreading

Our editing and proofreading service
consists in giving structural coherence, ensuring logics and grammar,
selecting the proper style and voice
as well as format for texts written
in the target language.


- Simultaneous and consecutive
interpretation in congresses and
- Whispering
- Interpretation in industrial plants
- Interpretation in guided visits
(for tourists)
- Bilingual assitance in fairs and

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Phone: 54 223 4893466

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